Thursday, July 27, 2017

Art Is A Sense Of Life.

"Release Me"  Artist Christine Alfery Acrylic on Canvas - 58x60

Art is a Sense Of Life.

Art and aesthetic must be guided by more than emotions and feeling.  Art must be guided by more than, it makes me happy, it makes me feel good.  I say this because if art is just subjective then it has no identity because it can be anything and everything.  For me when I am creating, the goals I attempt to achieve, and they don’t always happen, are to have my work have speak to, relate to my sense of life. Some of the unique, marks I create, that relate to my sense of life and my life experience include, bridges, ropes, ladders, wheels, flying critters, wings and hills as well as smooth and chaotic lines, monochromatic colors, and bold colors.

When I step back and look at a finished work I always ask myself, is this work a thing in itself, it is not the same as anything else. Is it unique because I created it, and it is my unique, original style and marks that speak about my sense of life that makes it one of a kind, unique and original? And at the same time does it speak, does it say the things I want it to say yet at the same time, is it independent of me and my experiences so it can speak to others and their sense of life?  If it does then I believe I have created “art.”