Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Art Triggers Potential

 Featured image: Sunset at the Lake

Art is beneficial to the heart, mind and soul. How does this “beneficial-ness” happen? There are many perspectives on how beneficial-ness is accomplished. I wrote about two in my musing when I said that it was “a hope for a reward or fear of being different.” Is beneficial-ness created in hopes of a monetary reward, a social reward, or is beneficial-ness created by simple wonderful creativity and imagination?

I believe the latter. Intentions and objectives benefit many including the viewers of art and the artists themselves.

Art should be an unconstrained essence and happiness. Art is slowly losing this value. Art triggers all of our naturalness. Art is capable of touching all of our spirits, selves and souls, because of its diversities only if it remains unconstrained (controlled, governed).

Art triggers human potential in all of us but only if it remains unconstrained.

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