Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Blessings From A Red Bird

 Featured image: Red Birds

The allegories associated with red birds are many; who would have guessed?

  1. Some Indigenous Americans believe that the red bird brings blessings and good luck to those who see it or hear its song. Other Native Americans believe that the red bird has the power to protect and guide individuals on their spiritual journeys. The appearance of a red bird can signal impending change or transition.

  2. To see a robin flying can indicate a symbol of renewal, passion and new beginnings. They also represent patience and wisdom. The stork symbolizes rebirth or new life. It is thought to represent new physical or spiritual beginnings.

  3. The red color of the cardinal has been associated with the living blood of Christ. Cardinals have been seen as a symbol of vitality. In the Christian context, the blood of Christ is the heart of its message and the vitality is everlasting.

  4. Cardinal birds are a symbolic bird as it symbolizes positivity amidst the troubles we experience in our life. There is a quote about this belief that goes, “Cardinals appear when angels are near.” Because of this, many have been associated with cardinal sightings on their property to their departed loved ones.

The red bird may be giving you a message that you should accept the flaws in yourself and love yourself exactly as God made you. A cardinal appearing in your dream can also mean that something unusual will happen in your life or that positive life changes are in your future.

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