Friday, October 6, 2023

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Tiny Lapis Ribbon
Watermedia on clayboard

“Lapis Ribbon”

 blue as the sky

tiny lapis ribbon

                tied around her neck

inspires her, gives her courage,

magnifies  her creativity

                awakens her senses

gives her peace


From the Earth
Watermedia on clayboard

I love to look into a geode that has been cracked and opened and look into its beautiful center of glory, its hidden crystal gemstones. You know we are all like a geode. We have a center of glory that are our hidden gemstones. 

Always allow others to see your magnificent gleaming crystals. And let them tell your story.

This painting “From the Earth,” is of a cliff wall of quartz, solid quartz in northern Canada. It is all about the wonderful. The earth is filled with so many magnificent layers.  This work is about the layer of quartz and its crystals and crystal formations that rose to the top layer. I felt so special to be able to touch it and walk on it.  Behind this beautiful wall was a field of wild, edible mushroom-colored gooseberries.  The solid quartz wall and the field of delicate squish-able berries historically tell a story of time and what we have all done and felt now and in the past that tell our story and the story of the earth and change. 

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