Thursday, May 2, 2024



Featured image: Wonderful Flying Machine

Is it too late to change? Am I working towards that dream I thought I was called to do? But what I am doing is not what I imagined or dreamed. I am wondering, is it too late to change direction?  It is hard, change is, I know. 

But I do change – and I make myself vulnerable by putting my new work out there. I have the attitude that change is good, but hard, but imagination is fun and exciting. All the large competition pieces I have been working on this winter are different from other works I have done.  Change is scary. As I work, I think to myself is it worth even entering a competition with this one?  When artists change, they have no one to go to, to talk to about the new pieces. For me, if it gets into a competition, I say to myself well I guess it wasn’t that bad.

The thing about being an artist is it's about being intuitive, and listening to what the creative activity wants me to do. It is really what makes a work unique and original I believe. So I guess I am changing constantly – and I know I am always working towards that dream I think I was called to do.  At the moment, it isn’t what I imagined or dreamed but I get up, show up and have never, never given up. So I guess the answer to my question is – it is never to late to change, and imagine, imagine about this new day and what it is going to bring to you.

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