Wednesday, May 1, 2024



Featured image: Goose

Darn it, darn it! Those geese are back on my little island.  Well, it isn’t mine, but I like to think of it is mine, as many of my neighbors on this side of the lake also think it is their little island, or some call it Powder Puff. 

The geese came last year – and now they are back.  This used to be a loon’s nest and I saw them earlier, but they must have gone somewhere else. 

Anyway, the geese are there building a nest, making the little island full of slippery poop. The mom sits on the nest and once in a while the dad helps and sits.  Then, about a month later, we watch as the goslings are in the water swimming behind their parents. Cute? Yes, but darn it - they are on my little island.

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