Friday, May 24, 2024

The Enchantment


Featured image: Red Truck

When I walk into a thrift store or antique shop or go to a garage sale, I feel so many things bouncing off me, mainly the histories of the objects that are for sale.  If I don’t get that feeling of spirit and history, and the aura of the objects,  I turn around and don’t go any further. I think of walking into a church the same way. It doesn’t matter what denomination the church is, if I don’t feel the spirit of the church I want to walk away and not go in.  

This phenomenon and this feeling is different yet the same in both places. I either feel this life and spirit of what is there and stay or don’t stay.

When I go shopping for antiques, I like to think they are lovingly used. I need to feel this marvel of its history, to engage with it. I love being able to touch the toys that children used to play with, like this antique truck. When I caress the object, I don’t want to let it go because of this spirit and its history, its life. The experience is unique to me, it is mine and I continue the history of the object or place, like a church. But this experience never happens when I pick up an object or walk into a place if it is “new.”  And this experience only happens if I choose to let it in.

Try it – give something a space, place, or object a chance to speak to you.  It is a marvelous piece of enchantment that is very powerful.

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